What is the cost of Floor Tiles per square foot in India

What is the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot in India?

In this article, we are going to talk about What is the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot in India? India, a country renowned for its vibrant culture and historical affinity with arts and crafts, has seen a growing demand for quality wall tiles. As modernization takes root and architectural designs evolve, wall tiles are not just viewed as functional elements but also as artistic additions to spaces.

What is the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot in India?

Let’s delve deeper into the costs associated with wall tiles in India.

Historical Context

India’s association with tiles dates back centuries. Ancient temples, palaces, and homes have used tiles as decorative elements. This long-standing tradition has culminated in a well-developed industry that caters to a vast array of preferences today.

What are Wall Tiles?

Before we dive into the costs, it’s essential to understand what wall tiles are. Essentially, they are thin, flat pieces, predominantly square or rectangular, designed to be attached to walls. They serve both decorative and functional purposes, especially in areas exposed to water or moisture.

Factors Influencing Tile Costs

Numerous factors come into play when determining tile prices:

a. Material

From ceramic and porcelain to stone and glass, the material plays a significant role in cost determination.

b. Size & Thickness

Larger tiles typically have a higher price tag than their smaller counterparts. Thickness can also affect costs.

c. Design & Finish

Designer tiles or those with unique textures and finishes fetch a higher price.

d. Brand & Manufacturing Quality

Premium brands, known for their quality, often come with a premium price tag.

e. Location & Logistics

Transporting tiles across states can add to the final price due to transportation and state levies.

the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot

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An Overview of Tile Types and Their Costs

a. Ceramic Tiles

A favorite among Indian households, they’re known for their durability and vast design range. Prices oscillate between ₹30 to ₹150 per square foot, based on various factors.

b. Porcelain Tiles

Harder and less porous than ceramic, they’re ideal for areas exposed to heavy moisture. Their cost can be anywhere from ₹50 to ₹300 per square foot.

c. Stone Tiles

Exuding a luxurious appeal, these tiles made from granite, marble, or slate are often sought after for premium projects. Depending on the type and finish, they can cost between ₹50 to ₹500 per square foot.

d. Glass Tiles

Their contemporary appeal and variety have made them increasingly popular. Prices range from ₹60 to ₹400 per square foot.

Digging Deeper into Brand Offerings

a. Kajaria

As a market leader, they provide tiles for every budget. With a vast range, from budget-friendly to premium options, there’s something to enhance every space and suit every pocket.

b. Somany

With a focus on design, they’ve created a unique identity. Offering tiles from modest to premium, their collection caters to various tastes, ensuring style for every space.

c. Johnson

A well-known brand in India, Johnson provides a diverse range of designs for different needs. From basic to premium, their tiles offer variety, ensuring a style for every space.

d. Nitco

Nitco is known for its superior quality and innovative designs. Their tiles cater to various preferences, promising excellence and style for every living space.

The Ancillary Costs – Installation and Beyond

While purchasing tiles, one shouldn’t forget the additional costs:

a. Installation

Depending on the complexity, the region, and the labor skill level, installation costs can vary. On average, expect to pay anywhere between ₹10 to ₹50 per square foot.

b. Maintenance

Regular cleaning and potential sealing (especially for stone tiles) are essential for longevity. While cleaning costs are nominal, sealing can add to the overall expense.

Understanding Price Fluctuations

The tile industry, like any other, is influenced by global and national economic factors. Raw material availability, fuel prices (which impact transportation and manufacturing), and changes in taxation can lead to price fluctuations.

the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot in India

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Tips for the Savvy Buyer

a. Bulk Purchases

If you’re looking at tiling a large area, consider bulk purchases. Manufacturers or retailers often offer discounts on larger orders.

b. Local Exploration

Sometimes, local manufacturers provide excellent quality tiles at a fraction of the price of branded ones.

c. Seasonal Discounts

Festive seasons or year-end sales can be an opportune time for good deals.

The Environmental Impact and Cost

As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s essential to factor in the environmental cost. Tiles that are sustainably produced, using ethical labor practices and eco-friendly materials, might be slightly more expensive, but they’re a worthy investment for our planet.

The Future of Wall Tiles in India

With technological advancements, we’re seeing a trend towards customizable tiles where one can print any design. As this technology becomes more mainstream, it could influence costs.


Navigating the world of wall tiles in India can seem daunting given the plethora of choices and price points. However, armed with the right knowledge, one can make informed decisions that balance aesthetics, function, and budget. Whether you’re renovating your home or embarking on a new construction project, understanding the cost dynamics of wall tiles is invaluable. So, Now I hope you have understood about the cost of Wall Tiles per square foot in India.

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